Adams Probe 15 - AB/1


LJO 948G


Adams Probe 15


Goran Mitevski (april 2010)




Chassis number AB/1. The only completed Probe 15 and  based on one of only two body shells produced . The second bodyshell was used by the Adams’ to make the buck for the Probe 16 moulds, then passed onto Peter Timpson of Concept Cars who used it to build the prototype Concept Centaur GT(see below)  . AB1 was first registered on 3rd April 1969 . It was subsequently heavily modified in the early 1970’s by  Jainni Malagoli , an Iranian from Grantham, who owned it from around 1972 till at least 1981 when it was for sale for £2000. Jainni painted it le mans green and put a Bond Equipe screen and side opening doors on it .  Later owned by  Ralph Morgan who found it in poor condition  and restored it to the Malagoli configuration.  Restored by Marcel Montalta for Goran Mitevski in 2009 to original  Adams spec. Goran is the fifth owner. Registration search returns a “1969 unknown petrol coupe”




AB 1 Early Days

AB 1 1980’s - modified mess

AB 1 ~ Restoration Photos

More photos of fully restored AB/1 at the 50th Marcos anniversary do at Prescott in 2009, by Christain Fey,  available at


Peter Adams Dennis Adams brothers Marcel Montalta Adams Probe 15 1969 Racing Car Show


Film Clip of the 1969 Racing Car show,   including the Probe 15

Adams Probe 15

The 1969 Racing Car Show car

Note the difference in the headlamp covers compared with other photos of AB1


See also the prototype Concept Centaur PNV 372M, shown below, on the Centaur page. Recognised, and registered as,  a Probe 15 by DVLC in May 2015


Terry Smith 2013

Terry Smith's new body shell, June 2015 at Thirlestane.